Over 90% of our patients report positive health gains from LACTIS; a functional food or abiotic.

These are just a few of their outcomes.

“I have had digestive problems, including severe constipation, all my life. Now with LACTIS all symptoms have disappeared & my life is normal.”

“I usually get constipated when I travel. But; after using LACTIS this does not no longer happens.
what’s more; I’ve had no interruption to normal bowel function.”

“After taking LACTIS, my bowel function improved, I have a lot less gas. Oddly I am selecting different foods from a wider range of food groups – foods I have not eaten for years. These dietary changes have positively contributed to my general health.”

” LACTIS enables me to think more clearly and I am less foggy headed after chemo.”

“Previously my stools were quite erratic. A few normal days a week versus mainly loose. They are now consistently good; six days out of seven. I feel in the best internal health ever.”

 “I have had intermittent diarrhoea & constipation since chemotherapy, including a lot of bloating & gas. In the three weeks on LACTIS; this has completely resolved.”

Pip Cornall: While supporting my wife’s cancer work over the last 17 years, I have been privileged to evaluate some of the world’s best health and wellbeing products. 

LACTIS, a Japanese gut health promoter, is one such product. Knowing that a healthy gut contributes to overall health, I’ve taken LACTIS for over 7 years. Unlike most products I’ve used without apparent benefit, I immediately experienced improvements on LACTIS.

These include better bowel motions, more acute taste (food tastes better) and amazingly; my persistent reflux has gone.

Grace Gawler-Cornall: “As a result of numerous colon surgeries, the part removal of small and large colon, has compromised my ability to digest and metabolise certain foods.

This has been further complicated by 28 surgeries with long periods taking antibiotics damaging my gut microbiome.

Since taking LACTIS, I have experienced a phenomenal improvement in my metabolism and digestion. 

Most remarkably, I’ve been able to eat foods that I was previously unable to digest; for example raw salads.”


One month supply – 30 x 10ml 

For optimal gut and immune health 


Tear sachet to open. Drink one per day, as is, or dilute with up to one cup of water. 
Consume immediately after opening the sachet.

  • Easy to take and traveller friendly.
  • Recommended mixing with water but can also be mixed with juice or warm tea.